About Us


Our brand strategists, account, media and creative teams want to connect with you on Day One. It's a deep connection and when we're lucky, even a soulful one. This rich bond allows us to thoroughly understand your business goals and that helps us connect you to your markets and your stakeholders. With a strong, honest, working relationship we can better recognize your marketing challenges and better develop solutions that move hearts and minds to action.


Here happens to be in Plainview, Long Island. That puts us exactly where we want to be—in the heart of Long Island, only 20 miles from the center of New York City. It's designed to fit how we work and live making it naturally suited to our integrated approach. And that's important to us because it allows us to easily connect with each other, our clients and our city.


Our History


Founded in 2001, by Stacey Savarese a Graphic Designer. While working in within a marketing department she met a marketing executive Michael Andrews who shared the same belief on how to create a sucessful marketing agency. The pair left the corporate world to start their own agency. Their vision of providing key advertising disciplines under one roof has flurished and new capabilities are added often to better serve our clients.

Today, we are simply YBG Marketing. And even though we've made a shift in name, the principle of taking an unbiased approach to help clients meet their business needs remains the same.

Give Back to Charity


In 2013, Stacey and Michael wanted to give back to the community and decided to use their core training and provide a tool to raise money for causes. YourBuyGives was created. YourBuyGives is a fundraising tool for causes to raise money just by shopping online. A percentage of your purchase is donated to your cause of choice by the store at no extra cost to you. This tool has made it easier for causes to be seen and tap into consumers everyday purchases without costing them an extra penny. See more

Industries Served

markets we have served

YBG Marketing provides full-service print and digital advertising and marketing services with award-winning expertise and innovation.

  • Non-Profit
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Business to Business
  • Retail

Our Process

Listen. Learn. Think.

Critical thinking for marketers is essential. Data and marketing research matter, but marketers need critical thinking to ask the right questions to improve the efficacy of marketing programs.

Callaborate. Share. analyze.

In order to gauge the effectiveness of the collective efforts within a marketing plan, it is necessary to measure current performance with past performance. Campaign statistics and data, activities, referral reports, and revenue reports can be crossed compared with current benchmarks to gauge effectiveness.

Create. Develop

Creativity does not involve a single person or idea. It is a collective process that relies on a keen understanding of the subject, its purpose and the message that is to be conveyed.

Measure. Execute

Rushing to market can sometimes cause more harm than good. Hitting the launch button for any marketing communication can only happen with careful preparation, testing, and planning. We go only when ready.


One agency for all your communication.

In marketing, we have seen the lines blur between traditional advertising agencies and online (digital) marketing agencies. Because of this, the companies and organizations searching for an agency have a tough decision to make. Should they go with an advertising firm that will offer strategy, branding and creative for traditional forms of media like print, TV and outdoor media? Should they choose a digital agency that will focus only on online marketing strategy and tools like social media, video, mobile applications, SEO and other forms of digital advertising? Or should they choose a PR firm that will handle media relations, community relations and crisis management? These agency labels leave decision makers with a tough choice when it comes to marketing.

The fact is that "Everything is Marketing". Most companies and organizations need the right combination of these services. Traditional media are alive and well, and online marketing tools are only getting stronger. You shouldn't have to choose one or the other. True marketing is about integrating these communications strategies together so that they are in sync and complement each other. For example, a marketing strategy should incorporate public relations initiatives with social media and online presence. Your branding for print materials should complement your website, and your digital advertising campaign.

Whether you need a simple corporate ID, cross-channel advertising campaign, creative consulting, event plan or a comprehensive sales and marketing plan, YBG marketing will work as part of your team and provide practical, creative and integrated marketing solutions to help you meet your goals.

Marketing should be practical, creative, efficient and measurable. YBG marketing has the experience, versatility and creativity to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital strategies to meet your goals. For more information, please contact us.


Clients say

Thanks to YBG Marketing, we have have built and maintained a competitive edge over other practices in our area. We have acquired new clients and referrals through our website.

M Brooks, client

As soon as we worked with YBG Marketing, our responses has been so good that we added two of our other brands.

Steven Donovan, VP Sales and Marketing